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PCB Mounting Equipment REWORK

1 Pb-free BGA Rework System for Large PCB NEW! Pb-free BGA Rework System for Large PCB

Adopts the same IR heating closed-loop temperature control system as the MIR-1800. Can be used with large-scale boards (max. 600xx510mm). Misalignment during heating is eliminated by an original Morikawa technology. Also makes it possible to remove odd-shaped components such as heat sink BGA and memory connectors.

2 IR Rework System  IR Rework System

Using an IR heating closed-loop temperature control system, high-precision reflow heating can be performed while measuring the temperature with a radiation temperature sensor when reworking products such as large-scale BGA packages, etc. on multilayer boards, which had been difficult with conventional hot-air based rework systems.
Small-scale Solder Paste Printing Tool &Small-scale Solder Paste Printing Tool &
Tool for Solder Ball Mounting
Printer Kit F

Enables rework of high-density mount boards, and flux printing, solder paste printing, etc. in BGA reballing of packages.
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