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1945 Established as Morikawa Chuzosho (Morikawa Foundry). Started casting of light alloys.
1946 Reorganized as Morikawa Industries Corporation
1949 Started cast iron castings, and established a Machining Division.
1952 First business with Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
1969 Full changeover from cupola operation to electric furnace operation (5t EAF x 3, 3t EAF x 2). Implemented local environmental improvements.

Introduced a Disamatic molding machine (DMM Mk1 type A).

1981 Introduced a dedicated machine for automotive exhaust manifolds.
*Transformation of Morikawa from a material maker to a manufacturer of finished parts.
1985 Development of mass production technology for automobile parts by the lost foam casting process.
Started mass production of automotive bearing caps. Expansion of works in the Yawata District of Chikuma City (then Koshoku City).
1988 Established a new Electronics Division.
1989 Awarded the “Toyota Prize” by the Japan Foundry Society, lnc.
1994 Expansion of high-frequency electric furnace (5t furnace x 1, 1.5t furnace x 1).
1995 First business with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Started mass production of bearing housings by lost foam casting process.
Upgrade of Disamatic molding machine to state-of-the-art DMM Mk5 type B.
Received ISO9001 certification (Quality Management System) in 1996.
2003 Received ISO14001 certification (Environmental Management System).
2010 Modernization of two high-frequency induction furnaces.
2012 Established MORIKAWA INDUSTRIES(SHANGHAI)Co;Ltd in Shanghai, China.
2015 Introduced a Disamatic molding machine(DISA 231x).
2019 Fluid Equipment Division ware transferred to MORIKAWA CORPORATION.
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